Taekwon-Do: Male and Female Defense

When I was in high school, I eagerly wanted to join taekwondo game. However, as I watch my friends practicing, I feel nervous for her. I thought, “What if they will be hurt that much?” However, I did not like my friends to be hurt. When I passed by before them, I heard their instructor saying that they should not learn taekwondo for evil or bad purpose because it is never the purpose of learning taekwondo. Learning it needs discipline also. They must take it seriously.

I thought that there must be a reason why my friend is pursuing it. Aside from catching competition, there is a great purpose of Taekwondo—that is self- defense. Is it only self-defense? Can you not protect someone who needs help? We can help people to avoid robber and to protect them from being harmed by thieves and dangerous people. Where is the most popular place for taekwondo, is it not Asia? Asia got a talent for playing this one!

Just as men need protection, women do too. Nowadays there are many women who uphold their right as human beings. Women are not maltreated people already but defensive ones. There may be probably reasons why women did not fight back in the past but this age is different since they have come to become strong as men are. Although women really seem to be powerless, they are learning to defend themselves by learning taekwondo as a self- defense and peace channel. Why not learn how to pay taekwondo?