You Kick Counts in Taekwondo

As every second counts, every kick counts too. There is a yell in every kick but at the same time there is a disappointment in every kick. The more kicks a player release, the higher the score to be given. Taekwondo is a game of everyone. It is entertaining but at some point, it is fearful to watch. Every kick awakens the crowd, making them roar, as if likened to touching the mustache of a sleeping lion. It is the highlight of the game.

Every kick needs strength. It needs a target and as well as a direction. Kicking in the air is just so so. It counts nothing. There is nothing to gain. No cheer, no impact and no point. Your leg and thigh is the leader. It is the greatest among all parts of the body in the moment. The part that will be exalted and be complimented in the meantime. The part that will first face and struggle with the suffering. The part that will give pain and at the same time, that will receive pain.

Every kick is active. It is goal-oriented, full of passion and full of spirit. Every release is wonderful and astonishing. Nothing can stop its strength. Every kick that counts needs speed and flexibility. Always prepared to defend and prepared to combat. It is overflowing with characteristics. It gives vibration to the body like an earthquake. It makes things inside tremble and rumble. Such things happen because every kick counts. Yes, it counts.