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The athletes inspiration to success

Athletes are very passionate in their craft. When we watched their performances, we are in awe on how they can achieved such perfection in their field and always aim for the gold. They attend the competition with the mind of winning. They have the passion that can let them overcome hardships having to travel to […]

Taekwon-Do: Male and Female Defense

When I was in high school, I eagerly wanted to join taekwondo game. However, as I watch my friends practicing, I feel nervous for her. I thought, “What if they will be hurt that much?” However, I did not like my friends to be hurt. When I passed by before them, I heard their instructor […]

You Kick Counts in Taekwondo

As every second counts, every kick counts too. There is a yell in every kick but at the same time there is a disappointment in every kick. The more kicks a player release, the higher the score to be given. Taekwondo is a game of everyone. It is entertaining but at some point, it is […]

Top five fun facts about New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that many knows because of the cheese that comes from their. The country has its own industry that can support it. Before we will go to revealing many facts about New Zealand, let us warm up and be excited so we may appreciate more of this unique and amazing country. […]